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Starting a new life and having a new passport in Turkey is possible within 3 months with $ 250.000 investment!

As one of the Top Trusted Company on Citizenship by Investment in Turkey, we provide money-back-guaranteed services for our clients, with our expert investment advisors and lawyers since 2015. Reach us now to learn more...

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Become Global Citize is one stop-advisory shop for you and your family, to start your new life with great services..

Turkey provides great options for foreign investors, such as:

  • Emerging Country with 80+ Million Population
  • Safe Nation, Strong Passport! Access to 115 visa-free countries
  • Connect to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia easily
  • Easy and Free-Connected Financial System with no risk!
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As a Trusted & Accredited Investment Advisory company, we guarantee you for your new Turkish Passport delivery within 3 - 4 months! We are working money-back guaranteed!

Trusted advisory with money back guarantee!

Experienced team with proven results & track record!

Become Global Citize is successfully support its clients since 2015 with a long-term citizenship consulting service focus and connections on every step on the way. As Become Global Citize, we guarantee to bring your passport in 3 - 4 months time with promises to return any free claimed for services if otherwise.

320+ Families Supported We supported several families to gain Turkish citizenship on various aspects
580+ Citizenship Provided Since 2015, more than 400+ people have a right to live and work in Turkey with our services on citizenship
110+ Direct Investments We also create a business value to our clients by managing their business decisions and investments in Turkey
40+ Nationalities Supported Different nations, different stories. Since 2015, we manage to solve more then 40+ nations citizenship case for Turkey

Métodos para lograr la ciudadanía turca

Minimum 500.000 $ Cash Saving in a Bank

Invest in Turkey’s funds and REITs with a minimum amount of $500.000 and declare your commitment to keep your investment for at least three years

Minimum 250.000 $ Acquiring Assets

Invest in real estate in Turkey with a minimum amount of $250.000 and annotate in the registry that you will not sell the real estate for three years

Minimum 50+ Jobs Employee People

Minimum 50 Job Creation Employee People

and other Special Conditions...

We cover for applications on special cases including immigrations. We will manage all law process and legal support to our clients in special cases

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Easy Turkish Citizenship

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Recomendaciones de clientes

Mr. Gery Chenxi

“Thanks to VIP service of Easy Turkish citizenship, I got my Passport quite normal time.”

Mr. Brad Bai

“Happy to meet to work with money-back guranteed service!”

Mr. Dudhakari Iyarham

“I make several investments in Turkey and happy to process it as a citizenship application.”

Mr. Tamim D.

"Applying for a Turkish citizenship has been the best decision I have made. I thank you with all of my heart."

Mrs. Adela F.

“The application process was easy and simple, and my application was approved before arriving to Turkey.”

Mr. Mohammed H.

“My application was submitted to the Turkish government within the timeframe and I received the submission confirmation.”

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