Having a Turkish Passport Gives You EU Free Access

Easy Turkish Citizenship Service of Become Global Citizen Investment Advisory, works on Turkish Citizenship by Investment Services since 2017 when the first program started with amounts of $ 1 M on Property Investment side and $ 3 M on Bank Capital Investment side.

As the prices dropped on 2018th September, with $250.000 Property Investment rate and $500.000 Bank Capital Investment side, the interests for Turkish Passport roar from several nations. People asking several questions on Turkish citizenship real estate, citizenship via investment and citizenship in Turkey.

Up to now, we delivered over 400+ passports with our whole Money-back guaranteed services which allows our investors to protect in their investment decision and that shows our top service quality. We always provide the best investment opportunities on application for citizenship cases. So, you earn double by having a good investment and having your passport in hand by less than 6 months.

Also on Become Global Citizen Advisory side, we attract more than $8 M direct investment in Turkey within energy, manufacturing, technology and healthcare industries.

That investments allows companies and individuals, to grow their business in Turkey which is a door of Europe, Middle East and Africa with 5 to 6 hours direct flight in Turkish Airlines from Istanbul’s new Airport.

Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship by Investment

And, with that experiences we know that giving a Citizenship by Investment decision is a tough, regarding finding true information and true company to work with.

Working with scam people and companies, getting bad services, and waiting a long for the new passport is an headache. Also, we know that 3 out of 4 applications stuck in somewhere, if you work with unexperienced companies. You will be their path to learn the laws and business which makes your application unsuccessful.

After sharing those details, we want to give an important information on wrongly known issue of EU Access. Yes, Turkey is a long-time candidate country for European Union, having the %80 of the work done already.

Regarding the European Union compliance laws and accreditation needs, Turkey completed nearly all steps and a strong candidate for European Union.

With saying that, we all know EU membership is a political decision which candidate countries can not decide the acceptance date. But, as a strong candidate of EU, that completed the most of the works done, Turkey has several privileges for EU access.

First of all, Turkish Green Passport is visa-free to all EU now. With that Green passport, holders can access more than 155 visa-free countries including UK, France, Spain, Germany and all other EU member countries.

In Citizenship by Investment applications of Turkish Passport, we are all talking about regular Red Passport but, having Green Passport after regular passport is possible.

With current laws, Senior Government Workers, High Net Worth Individuals, Lawyers and Business People having over $ 1 M export of Turkish goods will freely access to Green Passport. For that steps, we are always working with you to meet requirements if needed.

Secondly, while the full member is an on going discussion, visa-free travel to EU for all Turkish Citizens will be starting soon. Because of we have that right in Green Passport that will applicable to all regular Turkish Red Passport which is in Worlds Top Strongest 40 passport now.

Normal Red Passport of Turkey is giving visa free travel access to 115 countries including Russia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Qatar, Macedonia, Montenegro, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and several others.

With this EU visa-free Access Turkish Passport will provide you a visa-free entry to all European Union countries such as Germany, France, Spain and rest.