Top 3 Mistakes for Property Investments on Turkish Citizenship Application

Become Global Citizen, as one of the most well known investment company of Turkey, do investment and investment advisory since January 2015 and has offices in Dubai, Istanbul and Cyprus.

Also Easy Turkish Citizenship Service of Become Global Citizen providing money-back guaranteed solutions, to customers since 2017 with the first Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program starts.

That time investors need to invest at least $ 1 Million for property investments to gain citizenship in Turkey. We completed over 50+ application and continue to our efforts for accessing more and more foreign investors from all over the world.

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment - Grow in EMEA
Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment – Grow in EMEA

On 18 September 2018, which you can find its details below in Turkish, property investment amount dropped to $ 250.000 from $ 1 Million level and that makes Turkey is a very big hotspot for foreign investors to take a part in.

Decision from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on September 18, 2018
Decision from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on September 18, 2018

After that decision of Dear Mr. President Erdoğan, there are several decision published and program started by be operation from $ 250.000 investment range which creates big amount of request from foreign investors. You can find PDF version of one here.

But, after that decision lots of unexperienced companies started to operate newly and most of the property dealers started to operate as investment agency for foreigners on citizenship by investment program for just selling property and earning commission purposes.

For that reason, most of unsuccessful applications started to happen. Due to the unexperienced consultants, wrong properties sold. Investors main purpose is getting passport while buying the property but they can not get passport and they own a problematic property in Turkey. They don’t know what to do with it and started to reach us.

We defined more then 10 problem and risk areas on property deals, but we want to list top 3 of them to make all foreign investors to prevent from that mistakes;

1- Buying Property from a Foreign People or Foreign Investor:

In the Turkish Citizenship by Investment law, it is clearly mentioned that you need to buy property from Turkish National to become eligible for citizenship application. But, as there are lots of foreign investors still in Turkey and continue to investing, buying the property and transferring the deed from a foreign people will cause a big problem for Citizenship by Investment purpose. We all work with pre-checked properties that owned by Turkish National in Become Global Citizen.

2- Buying Not True Valued Properties:

Second big problem areas of Property Investors for Citizenship purpose, they are guided by wrong or unexperienced consultants, which willing to sell what they have in their hand and their investment can not meet the criteria of government valuation. As, Become Global Citizen is an investment advisory company we do not have any property and we are not property seller. We only advise pre-checked property lists to our customers based on their needs and questions and if they don not like any of them we will prepare and offer new batch for securing their investments.

3- Transfer of Payment and Deed Problems:

Third biggest problem in top 10 problem area is transfer for payment and having deed works done. Customers always guided wrongly for payments by unexperienced consultants and new companies having no successful applications before. In the law, it is clearly mentioned that all payments need to be done via customer to property owner directly and deed transfer need to be complete on same date of transaction with real value. In Become Global Citizen, we never hold our customers money on our side, which is illegal and not eligible for application. Also, we complete deed always same date with application on real deed value.

Mentioning that problem areas are important for us to support all foreign investors of Turkey to make them safely enter Turkish market.

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