Top 3 Points of Preventing Scams on Turkish Citizenship by Investment Applications and Getting Passport without Headache

How to get Turkish Citizenship through Investment? This is frequently asked questions to us, and it is our duty to answer it in detail always as an Top Turkey Citizenship by Investment Company.

We know, Citizenship by Investment is always tough decision on the angel of investing in an other country where you don’t know main language and culture. Also, having Citizenship by Real Estate Investment is another case, as you need to chose your home place before knowing lots of details about target country.

Since September 2018, as Turkey lower the costs for Citizenship by Investment Applications, Turkey Citizenship by Property Investment with $250.000 and Turkish Citizenship by Capital Investment with $500.000, the new program of Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2019 interests for Turkish Passport roar from several nations.

Up to now, as Easy Turkish Citizenship Service we delivered over 400+ passports with our whole Money-back guaranteed services which allows our investors to protect in their investment decision and shows our top service quality.

But, we also know that there are several people got scammed and lost their money on that way because of several points they missed. Today, we like to list them to prevent you on your application and to help you in your process of accessing Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program benefits.

  • We suggest you do not look for the most discounted price and accept the cheapest price offer. Why?

You must know that, people do works to earn money. And Citizenship by Investment programs all over the World has always high costs on Power of Attorney Process, TAX ID and Bank Account opening fees, property payments and several other taxes and payments for government.

Also there is always costs for translations and appostile attestation works. Because of that offers such as $1.000, $2.000 and $3.000 kind of ranges are not possible to be on profit side with the Investment in Turkey for Citizenship works.

If you select companies offering you cheap services around $1.000, to $4.000, that mean you will be cheated on other areas such as property valuation, deed valuation or extra application fees coming after agreement. Because cheap prices always bring cheap service quality and cheap discussions. This kind of cheap offers also used by scammers to attract you and get accepted faster and make you to pay quickly not to miss.

  • Always ask for company and manager details, as well as their finished works.

Turkey Residency by Investment and Turkey Citizenship by Investment works are not easy processes on the company side. It needs to be started and followed-up truly with government officials, without any miss-writing and misinformation on your papers.

Those points require experienced team of investment advisors, expert lawyer views and detailed on-ground follow up. Because of that ask for the details of companies and its managers you are dealing with and ask for proofs of their finished works and references. But, be aware that Scammers always provide that information to show their work quality higher.

Search for the companies and its managers names in Google and Baidu to learn more about them and their company. Ask for references of their background and other information if any.

  • You dont need a lawyer only, but a trusted investment advisory for your all way to investing in an other country,

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program and other Citizenship by Investment Programs are not a pure law case. That kind of programs are investment programs, which you need an expert view for your investment case. There is an “investment” word not a “lawyer” word in program name it self; Turkish Citizenship by Investment

That means you need an expert on investment side as well, not to maket he wrong investment in terms of valuation, in terms or return on investment and in terms of location.

Companies like us always provide you detailed informations for your investment decision as well as provide all law support that you need with our expert lawyer team inside.

Wrong investments can block your way to Citizenship Applications by valuation, by deed or municipality problem sor by wrong information on paper works. Not to have any headache go with an expert investment advisor.

Hope those points will help your decision on Turkish nationality by investment and answer some of the questions in your mind about how to get Turkish citizenship through investment.

As a last words, having another passport is live changing decision. I suggest you not to chose the cheapest, but chose the most qualified one. Cheap providers will steal some point to become profitable, and this cause you more headache soon.

Happy to work on all phases of your needs for getting your new passport in hand. Please reach us to learn more and get free consultancy on your case by WhatsApp or Email directly. You can also fill the free consultation form to get an expert support.