Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2020 Program Frequently Asked Questions

About Turkey 2020:

Turkey, with its growing population of 82 million people, is always a popular destination for leisure and business purposes. Turkey is always attractive, with its key position between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. As a valid candidate of the European Union, and a safe nation well-connected to Europe; Turkey’s free financial system strong and well-developed.

With cities like İstanbul, Bursa, Yalova, Ankara, İzmir, Muğla (Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Kaş) Adana and Antalya, Turkey is in top 5 tourism destination of the world since the 1990s. Those cities are also very good investment points for real-estate investors who seek leverage.

To learn more about culture and life, please watch that 3-minute video, about Istanbul as 4K format on Youtube @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2FKlfUyAQ8

There are two key performance indicators for Passports; Henley Passport Index and The Passport Index.

When you looked to those ratings Turkish Passport is the world’s strongest 39. Passport with 115 visa- free countries (71 no visa required, 44 visa-on-airport with a basic fee) access as of Jan 2019. Also, there are several incentives and business supports that come with a Turkish Passport, as you can see on our information guidelines with the link in the footer.

CBI Turkey Program 2020:

We, Become Global Citizen, like to share detailed information about our services and background, to give you clear details on your request about the Turkish Passport application.

First of all, we like to share that, we are totally understanding your position on using hard-earned money as an investment for that kind of application. It is always a challenge to trust first but, as we are legally and directly working with the Turkish Presidency Investment Office and our Turkish Embassies in several countries, we do not have any chance to make mistake or misinform our clients.

Because of those points, you can trust us on your way to Turkish citizenship. But, please be careful and understand what you will get as a service, as there are several companies offering a very bad service level with an unsuccessful application if you work with us or not.

We work with money-back guaranteed and finalized 580+ citizenships applications so far including Syrian cases with special conditions also. (since December 2018, we start to apply with normal ways on Syrian applications.)

As there are several application methods, the most used and easy processes are;

  1. Buying a House with a minimum of $250.000 in Turkey,
  2. Moving your money to one of Turkish Bank with manageable interest rates for at least 3 years with a minimum level of $500.000,

Those cases are well-defined in our general information documents but in each case, we have a total service fee as which includes all applicable costs and our service fees in it. We can talk about its details when you like to learn more and start to apply.

First, we will share a detailed service contract, and start working after signatures on it. If there is any mistake happens on our side (legal perspective or paper-work) which results in unsuccessful, we will pay all your costs and money back. We work with money-back guaranteed which defined on our contract.

Please also note that there are some legal documents we ask you to provide us from your country and we will start the application after getting those documents.

a. “Who is eligible to get Turkish Citizenship in my family, if I applied?”
It is possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship and Passport for yourself, as well as for your family members including your wife and children below 18 years old (18 years old included) with proceeding one of the above-mentioned investment options according to your choice, and once the required conditions are duly met.

b. “How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship and my new passport?”
It usually takes around 3 – 4 months to obtain Turkish Citizenships and Turkish Passports for the Principal Applicant (Investor) and other family members provided that all the documentation is ready and duly compiled if pre and post-investment works are properly done and these would be diligently followed up.

c. “How can I find a suitable property to buy for $250.000 valuation at least?”
For property investments, we have a detailed portfolio including all types of house and land- line in key cities of Turkey, in which we all did legal and governmental expert valuations set. If you chose to work one of our portfolio assets, you do not need to worry about that process which is a blocker for many cases.

d. “How can I manage the property rental process, if I don’t want to use it for a living?”
Our team is handling the renting process, after your investment and you can follow all of your monthly incomes in your bank account.

e. “What is money-back guarantee?”
Our money-back guarantee is defined in our service contract which we will share before the application period and it covers your services fees payment if any un-successful results happen in your application after you completed all the needed documents.

f. “What is your service fee and how is the payment structure working?”
Our service fee is chancing on which method you like to use for the application. If you chose to move with Bank Cash Investment, all procedures done by banks and you send cash investment directly to the bank. We charge our service fee with a legal invoice afterward from your side.

If you like to move with the Property Investment method, our service fees are lower as we got commission in our portfolio assets. In that case, you pay the property value directly to the property owner via legal bank payment. We also charge our service fee with a legal invoice afterward from your side. If you are not willing to move forward with our portfolio assets, expert valuation and other details need to be handled with your side.

g. “What is needed documents?”
Each applicant needs to provide some legal documents to Turkish Government Authorities, for verification and validation purposes. Those documents can collect easily in a week time from your Legal Embassy or Interior Ministry. We will share the List of Needed Documents when you decided to start the process with us. On different nationalities, documents can be changeable.

h. “How can we trust you to work with?”
Our Money-back guaranteed services show that how we trust our services and we put in our service contract to pay your money back on any problem.

We are one of the trusted companies on Investment Advisory and Citizenship by Investment business since 2015 with our 30+ employees. We delivered 580+ passports since 2017 when the first program started for Turkish Citizenship by Investment, all less than 4 months. On parallel we are not a property sales agency, we are on our client’s side to find and buy the best property for them, we are not trying to sell what we have in our hand which property sales offices do a lot.

Because of those points mentioned about we interviewed with the Turkish Presidency Investment Office’s Magazine The Turkish Perspective on April 2019 issue where we share how we become the top company in Investment by Citizenship program with all successful applications. You can find the interview online and please ask one of our colleague to get a copy of the original magazine when we meet.

Happy to work on all phases of your needs for getting your new passport in hand. Please reach us to learn more and get free consultancy on your case by WhatsApp or Email directly. You can also fill the free consultation form to get an expert support